News 22.10

Good day, dear players, some news for you.

  • Added Jewel of Extension for sharing 10 Lucky Coins
  • Fixed Ignor display in 4-5 Wings.
  • The first events will be held by the administration on Wednesday October 24 at 21:00 server time.

We wish everyone a productive weekend and enjoyable game!

Posted 22 / 10 / 2018

Finish Week

Dear players, we decided to sum up a very beautiful week.

First of all, we congratulate the guild Supreme on the victory at the first siege, and the rest to win next week.

We are also glad that judging by all the hole through which the base was demolished was patched, we can now enjoy a stable game.

As promised, they opened a Shop on the site where you can purchase game items.

Added Shop with 4-5 Wings to Lorencia 130x128

Well, the long-awaited X-Shop will be available at 21:00 server time. New Muun Pets(clickable) were added to the X-Shop 

But in order for them to appear, you need to install a small update in your X-shop.

Download Update X-Shop(clickable) and unpack it into the client with the game, after that there will be available new pets in the Pets section.

In turn, we are pleased to inform you that we paid for the VPS where the server costs 6.5 months. Thank you to everyone who participated!



Posted 20 / 10 / 2018

News 19.10

Dear players, another attack was brought down on the server in connection with which a rollback was made. All players, as a bonus, were credited with +5 resets. Tomorrow, from 10 am and until the evening, the experience will be upgraded to x2. In particular, the clean site was reinstalled, the old design will be returned a little later, the server protection has been strengthened, and now the database will be backed up every hour. Thank you to the huge players who understood this intsindent with understanding. We don’t give up and go further, I hope with you together! Enjoyable game, I ask once again the deepest forgiveness!

Posted 19 / 10 / 2018

News 13.10

Good day, dear players, glad to congratulate you, we are already more than 250 people.

All participants of the Events who were dedicated to the opening, were given the promised VIP status.

We also plan to hold the first events already next week.

On Sunday - Monday there will be registration for the first Castle Siege.

Just by voting, which took place on the forum, it was decided to open access to VIP status.

You can purchase in your personal booth or click here (clickable).
All good game and great weekend!

Posted 13 / 10 / 2018

[EN] Server started.

Dear players, we are glad to inform you with the successful launch of the server, welcome!

Enjoy your game, I hope you enjoy everything, we tried very hard for you!

For all questions, you can write in pm on the forum or Skype: live: blissmu2018_1

All information about the server you will find HERE

We guarantee a long and stable server life!

Soon the first events will be waiting for you!

S w.administration (c) Bliss Mu

Posted 12 / 10 / 2018

Grand Open 12 October

Dear players congratulations on the closing of the OBT and the final straight to the opening.

The opening of the server is scheduled for October 12 (Friday) 20:00 GMT + 3.

Please re-register everyone.

Arrange an exciting weekend with us and prove that you are the strongest !!! Pleasant surprises await the most active!

You are waiting for incredible battles and battles, thoughtful gameplay, exciting events, exclusive customs and much more!

Get the best things by playing without attachments !!!

Before the opening of the server, you can earn bonuses and VIP-> more!

A full description of the server can be found on our info page-> more!

Posted 11 / 10 / 2018

Update 0.1

The changes were more detailed below:

-In the store Lorencia Bar were added all the buns, penetrations, boxes, magic, stones at the time of obt. [At the time of OBT]

-All new players are given 15 resets and number of stats. [At the time of OBT]

-Create any class of character from level 1. [At the time of OBT]

-The experience is increased to x9000. [At the time of OBT]

All pleasant games and successful tests.


Posted 01 / 10 / 2018

Open OBT

Dear players are happy to inform you about the grand opening of the new project '' Bliss Mu ''.

You are waited by the unique world, the thought over gameplay, all existing bugs are corrected, the balance of characters is adjusted, the thought over drop, many new additions, welcome to Bliss Mu!

Opening is scheduled for October 12, at the moment we are actively testing the server. We will be grateful to everyone who will help us in the search for no modifications, and also if anyone gives efficient suggestions.

The open testing will last until October 9, then the server will be shut down before opening, accounts with obt will be deleted.

The client and registration are already available, for all questions and communication with the administration, write to Skype: Blissmu2018_1

Posted 11 / 10 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.